Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Acacia Park - Colorado Springs 4-4-11

Yesterday I was blessed to preach at Acacia Park. I stayed outside on the sidewalk. I was a little taken back by how many homeless and "shady" people were hanging out at the park at 3:00 in the afternoon. Colorado Springs has what appears to be A LOT of homeless.

I've had to improvise since I'm by myself and make a little "Free Bibles" display. Yesterday about 5 people came up while I preached and took bibles from it.
One thing I've noticed about the Springs is its an open air-preachers dream when it comes to man made elevation....
... these kinds of curbs are everywhere...
... you don't even need to bring a box!
Please pray for "Dell" he came up while I preached and asked about wrestling with sin. He knew a lot of scripture but from talking with him may not know the Lord because his life has not changed. The desires of his heart were wanting to sin. I talked with him about needing a new heart that only Christ can give. That he needed to be born again. He admitted that he doesn't think that has happened in his life. He said to me, "I hope I'm not like Pharoah that my heart is hardened beyond being saved." I tried to encourage him that he is still alive, he heard the gospel and TODAY could be that day of salvation. Tears were rolling from behind his dark sunglasses. It was very moving.

I hope Dell comes to know the Lord and the Lord knows him.

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