Friday, April 15, 2011

Acacia Park - Colorado Springs 4-15-11

It was a LIVELY day at Acacia Park. Still"brisk" but not as freezing. The "heckler mic" got some action with no need of trivia, but no crowds. I tried to start preaching and the local crowd of "trouble" got good and mad. I've learned that everyone is brave from 30 feet away. A guy named Scott came to the mic for a little while and I tried to share the good news.
He wouldn't have it...very sad.
The Gospel went forth from Robert, Steve and myself.
Bibles and tracts were handed out to many. Glory to God for all the opportunities!
Steve had three hecklers come up to ask questions. He did a great job of giving them the gospel.
This young man took a bible.
This kid was an evolutionist and tried to make his case... Steve stayed on point and went with the LAW.
Robert preaching the Gospel!
Here he had an opportunity to share the truth in love.
At one point I said to the guys, "People walking by have a guy preaching, a guy handing out tracts AND a guy standing with a wooden cross... they will have no excuse on judgment day."
At the end a guy came up asking us, "Do you know where you are?" That "everyone at the park was high on weed and no one was listening." I said, "Then we are at the right place!" Sadly this man said he was the son of a preacher and that he "had done that" when it comes to Christianity. Seems we were also in the right place for him to hear the Gospel.

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