Monday, April 25, 2011

Acacia Park - Colorado Springs 4-25-11

Hope you all had a blessed Resurrection Sunday. Today I was blessed to go out to Acacia Park and preach. By God's grace I was able to weather some major heckling. I barely could keep any order to it and get the gospel out. People are SO opposed to it in this area. Had the heckler Elliot come back and try to distract a young girl named Cat who was challenging me. His "big" argument is that Jesus did not meet the requirements of the Messiah which was that "he had to be in the line of Solomon!" I'll let you guys respond to that if you would like. ;)

Another guy tried to pull the Zeitgeist non-sense; with Jesus being the SON & the SUN god... I learned (besides all the other inaccuracies of Zeitgeist) that "PUN" doesn't work in Egyptian, Hebrew or Greek... only in English. He then said the bible was written in English... "read a history book" was my response.

Overall about 15 bibles went out, some while I preached and some while I stood with the Cross. Glory to God for these wonderful opportunities.

If anyone tries to pull that dopey Zeitgeist non-sense on you I've attached a page of notes I put together from a couple of critiques of that movie.

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