Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Acacia Park - Colorado Springs 4-5-11

Today I was blessed to join Steve a faithful evangelist for some street witnessing and preaching. Steve leads IANA Ministries out here in Colorado Springs. Please pray for Steve and his wife. They are both on fire for the Lord but NEED MORE LABORERS. They are trying to get their church on fire as well. I've tried to encourage Steve with what the Lord has done in our body at CBC. On Sunday I was blessed to attend their evangelism class which had about 36 attendees. Its a two month course which (Lord willing) will produce more evangelists.

Today we were at Acacia Park which is a HUB of homeless, high schoolers on lunch break, college kids, soldiers, business people on their way to work... you name it.

Steve preaching ala Whitfield. It was a GORGEOUS day to proclaim the GLORIOUS GOSPEL!
I finally got the guts to break out the portable amp which worked great, no police. I had the heckler chalk line and box for any opposition which came pretty quickly... and lasted over an hour!
Several bibles went out while preaching.
Here "Elliot" was heckling me while a Jehovah's Witness (the lady in yellow) was trying to share the Watchtowers false gospel with people who stood in the box. She would keep whispering in their ear or breaking out in long discourses from her NWT of the bible. I had to keep getting after her to leave my hecklers alone!
There were lots of questions, opposition and the Gospel going forth!

Please pray for:
Alex (self admitted pagan, seemed antagonistic but willing to talk. She took a bible and when I was finished walked with me and shared some of her life, which was heart breaking. My family may try to have dinner with her one night, please PRAY for that!)

Sam (she claimed to be a Christian but was "worldly" and barely knew the gospel but definitely knew some profanity)

Elliot (an agnostic/evolutionist who totally opposed the gospel. He even got up and "open-aired" about how Jesus was NOT the Messiah after I finished)

MANY, MANY, MORE who heckled and took bibles and heard the good news! We all know when you have that GREAT day of witnessing... this was one of those.

"We will rejoice in your salvation, And in the name of our God we will set up our banners!" Psalm 20:5

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  1. Praise the Lord! - make sure your looking at duplexes so i can join you ;) looks like a great vinyard to be woking in