Thursday, April 14, 2011

Colorado Springs 4-14-11

Today I was blessed to join 3 other local brothers to reach the lost in Colorado Springs. It was a "brisk" (freezing cold) windy day in the Springs. If anyone is wondering why I'm getting to witness so much its because work has been DEAD for me out here.
I guess the Lord wants me to witness more... oh darn. :)
Robert is a full time traveling evangelist who was BOLDLY proclaiming the Gospel!

Today I TRIED to use the heckler mic with the second "fail" in a row! The past two times I tried to do some trivia to draw a crowd people would answer, get their dollar... AND LEAVE. Its funny because I've had more hecklers and interaction with NO trivia. At least I was able to give Hope the Good Person test and share the Gospel. She took two bibles one for her and a friend.
Here Steve is getting heckled by some of the local high schoolers.
Ken getting to share the Good News.
This was a great moment for me. This couple walked by when Robert was preaching and the young lady stopped to listen. They both had taken Bibles. Here Robert is explaining what Jesus had done for her. I overheard her say, "I need to have God in my life."
Here is some of the local crowd that regularly meets at Acacia Park. Please pray for these folks as they have been hearing the Good News regularly. You can check out some more from today over at Steve's blog. Praise the Lord for these brothers in Colorado Springs!

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